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Saturday, March 21, 2009

tekanan yg amat

this week is a busy week for me.

as on sunday i have to attend a class as usual.but there's no water here in my house!owh,damn!
heh.still thinking to skip da clas,!! class is class n i hv to attend 4 it.

monday-supposed to hv a photoshoot,but glad had been postponed. so i dun hv to busy thinking of wut to wear today..ehe~

tuesday-strategic management test [8am-10am]
-presenting the issue in finance [10am-12pm]
-bowling tournament![5pm-7pm] ouh so tired.....

wednesday-portfolio test on 8am! it represents 15%[quite high amount] so i feel so depressed!

thursday-submit personal finance individual assignment which i never done it yet
[even once!]bcoz juz get the task last few days!

dis sem really hectic n tired.
focus2.dont play2.huhu...

Monday, March 2, 2009

LoNg TiMe AgO

there's quite some time...or i think about a month we both didn't update this blog! owhh wit da buzy day dat we both have had..a month..many things happen actually.. n today! we both go for a facial treatment at kB area..not bad i think,the services provided is very good and its quite cheap enough..huhu...erm,las week..wuts happen..on the weekend we as usual go back to the village, but i stay at the cmpus bcoz my dad is goin to pick me up n bring me to some of our relatives house bcoz got a tahlil there..nad went to! ehem2... on feb28 my pa's started his new project bside granpa's house..n er,uh! 1st mac...i could'nt happy!!!!! bcoz dat day we get back our portfolio test...although its like other usual test but the mark given is not as usual as i get,so of cos i am! heppy..hehe...n not to forget nad got an offer to done her practical things at pnb..uh?? pnb or pkb...hehehe..congratz nad...i'm so lazy to write here,besides its raining outside at 12.43 am now....and its sooooooooooooo cold! huhu...till then...daaaa.................