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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan Datang Lagi..

Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan
Kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui
Dengan sempurna

Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun sudah pun berlalu
Masa yang pantas berlalu
Hingga tak terasa ku berada
Di bulan Ramadhan semula

Puasa satu amalan
Sebagaimana yang diperintahNya
Moga dapat ku lenturkan
Nafsu yang selalu membelenggu diri
Tiada henti-henti

Tak ingin ku biarkan Ramadhan berlalu saja
Tuhan pimpinlah daku yang lemah
Mengharungi segalanya dengan sabar
Kita memohon pada Tuhan diberikan kekuatan
Ku merayu pada Tuhan diterima amalan

Selangkah demi selangkah…
Dengan rahmatMu oh Tuhanku…
Ku tempuh jua

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my love for you remains till the end....

As the nights slowly fade to darkness,
And your face is no longer in my head,
I can’t help but wake up in the middle of the night,
Thinking of the words you said.
Just to hear your soft voice in my dreams,
I drift into my sleep.
Remembering the words you said,
I wake up & weep.

The dreams I used to have,
Were the ones that made me laugh.
Now the only reason i fall asleep,
So my heart won’t collapse.
i can’t see you around to catch me,
When i fall so quickly out of sight.
You no longer tell me it’ll be okay,
Or tell me everything will be alright.
Now i sleep alone in my bed,
to see you and remember all what you said..

I had been running from these feelings for so long
believing everyday that love was never meant
meant for me at all
carried on pretending to be strong as i am
but in the end
everyone knew it was just a lie
so afraid to take a chance
afraid to fall in love with you
but when you came along
you moved my fears away
and helped me realize my dreams
gave me strength to live my life the way i wanted to
and the confidence i saw life with
i hardly was aware of its
existence in me
but before i could truly splurge into this new world
i had found in you

you went away
but you never realized
that you took me away
from me
and now i don’t know myself again
what remains inside
is just a shadow of me
looming around to help me pass each day
nobody will ever know
how it pains inside
to know that you are so far away from me
nobody knows
that i am dead inside
although the fake smile
keeps me alive from the outside
nobody will understand the sorrow
cause no one knows what you meant for me
every moment now that passes
passes with a silent prayer
praying for a miracle
and wishing that a miracle
that could revive my soul
and bring me back to me

and as i wait for you
here in this silence
i hope you just realize
that this love was never a lie
and staying apart has had its worst effects and would be better to die
still believe that you would come around again
and help me find my way back into love
can’t love this way again
cause i am still holding what remains of us
there is nothing left
for me to say to you
that you aren’t aware of nothing left for me to show
that you haven’t seen before
all what remains with me
is memories of you
and never diminishing thoughts
of our days that echoes in me and says