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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying 2 FoRgEt YoU...

Up until now
I had so much to say
but it’s everything I’ve said
that’s gotten in my way

I won’t talk about you
anymore to anyone
the time for that has passed
it’s just over with and done

supposed-to-be forgotten words
are still dancing in my head
and I’m just trying to “not remember”
a single thing you’ve said

I wanna forget all about you
who you are and what your name is
cause it’s causing so much pain
and I honestly can’t take this

Friday, January 1, 2010


oFF to pEnAnG..

hEllo. I will be in Penang from Saturday till Tuesday(maybe). Be there to accompany my pa sending my third brother back to MRSM Kepala Batas. The last time I was in Penang would be exactly more than a year ago. At that time,my second brother was registered at UiTM Penang. Think we should make this an annual holiday. Just came back from Cherating on Thursday,n hv only 1 day to spend my time at Subang is quite tired enough..As on Friday morning, we hv a guests attending our house n me busy helping my mum doing such cooking matters n etc. 3hrs later,my uncle arrived from Kelantan n we gather together having dinner @ Kak Nyah's house until 10pm.. N as for now,i've to pack my things n go travel again tomorrow..

Initially thought of and wanted to blog and publish some posts later. Here’s I'm telling you that I can’t be arsed to do it now. Huhu.. Till then. Bye.